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Playing Card Manufacturers

Why settle for a playing cards deck used by the commoners, when you can be unique. Whether it is custom playing cards, personalized playing cards, tarot cards or even wholesale playing cards, here is a list of playing card manufacturers who can make anything that your heart desires. These playing card manufacturers have a variety of cards at their disposal. If you’d like to use your creativity instead. You can send your own design to these manufacturers for making your deck. It is very affordable to promote your business with cards by using your products images printed on cards.

Magic Cards Tricks

A magic act without a playing cards trick? Unthinkable isn’t it? Have you watched in amazement as a magician performed endless cards tricks? The next magician at your child’s birthday party could be you. Our resources include links to hand-picked sites that will teach you a new trick or two. And give you access to ‘trick card’ decks and other equipment that can make even an amateur look like a professional. We are updating our links section so that you will get all new tricks to learn so that you will become master in all the cards tricks.

Custom Playing Cards Designs


China, Near East, Central Asia, or the mystic land of Egypt. The mystery surrounding the origin of playing cards hasn’t diminished over the years. If anything nick-knacks of information that are unearthed have kept the intrigue alive. Changing shape and form as the decades passed, the rectangular cards deck has fascinated many. Whether used as a prop by magicians or occupying centre stage. We have collected a one-stop database of links to trace the origins of these elusive. A cluster of early literary references refer to the game being introduced by by 'a Saracen', 'the Moorish Game' etc more...

Books On Cards

Here is a collection of the written word on playing cards. We’ve tried to encompass reading materials that will help you learn new games or advance your knowledge with the ones who already know. Suitable for making a quick buck or for a long time career in the field, these books offer you assistance as well as make for an interesting read. The author names along with the price of the book are indicated. In these books you will get complete detail or originof cards, types of cards and many more. On the web you will find number of books some of them are free of cost also.


From custom playing cards to collector’s memorabilia card, our collection of exclusive cards designs should not be missed. Ranging from the contemporary to the old court cards, this extensive selection of card designs are sure to bring a smile to your face. You will see lots of designs in our gallery specially made for our visitors and customers. By looking at gallery pictures you will be delighted. So have a look at our cards gallery.


Need to learn a playing cards game quickly? Let us help you out. Here is an enormous list of playing card games both single and multi-user along with some handy tips and tricks to beat your opponents. Rules as well as player recommendations are included to make each game simple and easily understandable. Traditional multi-player card games for which rules are available from this site are listed in alphabetical order, together with the number of players more...